2 vegan cupcakes, 1 frosting

Tomorrow is the first day of classes for the spring semester, and a few of us are having an afternoon of board games to celebrate our last day of freedom. I’ve made some cupcakes, because that is what I do.

I flipped through Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, looking for a non-basic recipe that I had all of the ingredients for. Generally speaking, I make two batches for such occasions, and I’ve been branching out to one basic (chocolate or golden) and one fancy recipe. But I can’t stand the idea of making two frostings. I have a couple of cans of frosting that happen to be vegan tucked away on the top shelf of my cabinets in case there’s ever a frosting emergency, but I’d prefer not to have to use them. I decided that the cream cheeze frosting for the carrot cake cupcakes would work for both those and the chocolate cupcakes, and since I had all the ingredients for both, I went to work. The picture above is the carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheeze frosting and walnuts, below are the basic chocolate cupcakes with the same frosting and pink decorator’s sugar.

I’m sure that both will be tasty. The carrot cake cupcakes didn’t rise very well and seem suspiciously muffin-y to me, but I bet they’ll get eaten in spite of that.

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