To celebrate the last day of school for this year, I took myself out to lunch at Ahimsa, New Haven’s all-vegan restaurant.  I’ve been there a number of times, but I’ve never taken pictures. While it’s a wonderful place and I love it, it’s not ideal for taking pictures, with low-lighting.  Maybe next time I’ll sit next to a window.  🙂

At lunchtime, they offer a buffet for only $10.  It’s great food, and it’s so nice to be able to go to a buffet and be able to eat anything there!
For starters, a salad:


Then the main course:

Mung lentils with brown rice, couscous salad, pasta with marinara, and flatbread.


And because I could, butternut squash soup:


And for dessert, rice pudding:


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  1. FatMom says:

    That looks incredible! Congrats on your last day of school!!! Boy, do I wish we had all vegan restaurants here in this big ole hick town in which I live.

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