And even more from San Diego!

One of my best friends from elementary and high school lives in San Diego, so we got together while I was out there (I’m posting from home, now). She and her husband aren’t vegan, but are really down with the vegan lifestyle. One of her favorite restaurants is Sipz, a vegetarian restaurant in San Diego. I’m not sure what neighborhood it’s in, but it’s pretty far from where my hotel was. :-)

Most items on the menu are vegan (the few that are not are clearly marked). The food is Pan-Asian Cuisine, much like the restaurant where I ate the previous evening. Definitely good food! I could live out here!


Summer rolls
Another type of summer roll
Fried tofu
Pho- I again forgot to take the picture before I started
Banana-coconut cake for dessert!
I surprisingly managed not to gain any weight during this trip, but I’m not sure how.
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