Another Lovely Day

To be perfectly honest, this week is not going to be pretty. I have a bunch of really stupid but required trainings to do to for my internship, so I don’t think I’m going to have time to post most days this week, though I will do what I can. Maybe I can make it up next weekend, which hopefully will not be so busy.

Yesterday, I had the really good kind of busy- the go-into-New-York-and-see-a-show kind of busy, which is always often, and something I have not taken advantage of very much since I’ve been in New Haven. Of course, ticket prices are kind of a drawback, but I was able to get a really cheap ticket to Next to Normal. Totally worth it, even if it means squeezing writing two papers into one weekend day.
Before the show, a little shopping was in order. The only place I really wanted to go was Lush, as I wanted some bath bombs and bars. I love me some bubbles in the bath, and it’s not easy to find an all vegan variety!
lush loot
I got some solid perfume and a chocolate face mask, too. I love this place.

Dinner was at a Vietnamese place that one of my friends really likes. The vegan pickings were slim, but I was happy with my tofu and greens. I love that it’s plated sort of like that awful thing from KFC that uses two pieces of fried chicken instead of bread to hold cheese and bacon. This is so much more civilized.

Of course, my dining companions’ meals were not civilized, nor was the whole pretending they were screaming before dipping them in the boiling water (they had a seafood Shabu Shabu, which had some whole shrimp and prawns- eyes and everything…) I had to actually ask them to stop. I usually don’t make any fuss over omni friend’s meals, but that was a little bit too much to take. I still couldn’t look down at that end of the table, even after they toned down the “playing” with their food.
After the show, we happened to go out an exit which was by the backstage exit, so I hung around like a total fangirl for autographs.
Alice Ripley signed my program! Yay!


Alice Ripley is a totally nice and gracious and charming star, and she posed for a picture with me even though I didn’t ask and her handlers had said no posed pictures. Awesomeness!
I love having a day like this… I just wish I had vegan friends to share that with. I would so much rather go to a vegan (or even vegetarian) restaurant before the show, but it can be a pretty hard sell, especially where I haven’t been to any in that area before and can say “oh, this is totally awesome, and you’ll love it.” I have very few vegan friends in “real life,” and of the few I have, I can’t imagine going to a Broadway show and then standing outside in the freezing cold to wait for autographs would top any of their lists of things they’d enjoy doing. Total bummer.
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