The answer is… none!

I just saw this question in TreeHugger:  which milk container has the lowest carbon emissions?

Not once do they mention that cattle– you know, where “milk” comes from- is responsible for 18% of the world’s green house gas emissions.  It’s even worse than asking:  which gasoline container has the lowest carbon emissions?  Wouldn’t you laugh if someone asked that?

Of course, if you drink non-dairy milk it must come in a container, too, unless you make your own.  TetraPacks were the winner when looking strictly at emissions needed to make and transport the packaging, which is somewhat good news, considering that most non-dairy comes packaged that way.  The bad news is they’re difficult to recycle here in the US.  

Want to really cut you carbon emissions when it comes to milk?  Drink the non-dairy variety, and if you want to go super enviro-chic, make your own.

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  1. eeka says:

    Yeah, that pisses me off when stuff doesn’t mention the HUGE environmental impact of growing plant-based foods, then feeding years’ worth of them to animals, then processing the animals using water and energy. It’s obvious that just eating the plants is so much more efficient. Why does it not make it into most environmental articles?

    Oh, and we can recycle tetrapak here. Or at least the thingy tells us to put them in the bin; doesn’t say what they actually do with them.

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