Are you a vegan nursing student, nurse or aspiring nurse?

I came across two vegan food blogs today written by vegan nursing students. I know that there are others out there as well that I’ve seen on LJ and The PPK. I also know from reading posts on various online vegan communities that there are vegans out there who shy away from health care because they may have had an unfortunate experience with a health care provider dismissing a vegan diet. I started a blogroll on the side to highlight the blogs of vegan nursing and its future; if you’d like to be added, leave a comment. Even if you don’t have a blog or you work in (or study) another role in health care, I want to hear from you!

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5 Responses to Are you a vegan nursing student, nurse or aspiring nurse?

  1. Bass & Tea says:

    I keep on discovering that there are more and more vegan nursing student out there and think it’s great.

    I’ve been keeping a blog of my studies at:

  2. Marmotte says:

    Hi there, I am vegan & a nurse who has worked in Europe and the USA. The basis vegan principles is to do no harm. This can be a sticky situation as one may not believe in certain allopathic treatments yet be obliged professionally to adhere to the dogma. In my experience, most people you will meet are there for allopathic medicine, not alternative medicine…and in any case, even alternative medicine uses “drugs” and “techniques” albeit plant-based and not synthetic molecules, and less invasive techniques. If you enlarge your concept of healthcare into prevention and compassionate caregiving, then you will certainly find your place as a RN. Patients worldwide respond to empathy. That is the first care you can give a patient. There is no better place to seek change as a activist-vegan than were it is sorely needed, and that is certainly the case in allopathic health care! There you will find challenges however also rewards; you’ll not be preaching to the already converted as is the case in many “alternative” establishments (which are often also too expensive for many people). The next alternative is to further your studies and become a ARNP with a CAM certificate (that’s my actual route plan). Good luck, nursing can be a great job, believe me!

  3. Jodie says:

    Hi Marmotte,

    The program that I’m in is a graduate entry program for people who aren’t nurses, but want to be APRNs. I’m just finishing up the part that will earn me my RN (though I won’t be eligible to sit for the NCLEX until February ’09). In the fall I start working towards becoming a child & family psych nurse practitioner. My background is actually in expressive therapies (I’m also a music therapist and a licensed mental health counselor), and I hope one day to be able to open a private practice that focuses more on wellness, but with medication as an option when needed. Having worked in psych so long, I do believe that there are absolutely times when medication is needed, and there are times where it’s just thrown at people as a “solution” to a problem that could be much better handled with psychotherapy and lifestyle changes. Medication isn’t where I truly want to be, but I think that being able to prescribe will give me a little more credibility when I’m trying to encourage other changes in my patients.

  4. Jodie says:

    Hi Bass and Tea,

    I just only now saw your comment! I added you to my blogroll, and good luck with classes!

  5. Beth Boncher says:

    I’m a vegan nurse and I would like to find out more about being a vegan nurse in a hot inpatient Hospital thank you.

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