AT&T Lies About iPhone 4S Arrival Date

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My old 3Gs. I love you 3Gs, but it’s time.

Like many excited iPhone fans, I got up early early to reserve my pre-ordered iPhone yesterday. I totally understood that this was a pre-order, and it wasn’t as if I’d get it right now- the point was to save myself several trips to the Apple Store if they didn’t have what I wanted in stock when I went. I still have an iPhone 3Gs, which I have loved, but has a failing home button and battery that’s not as good as it once was. It’s been over two years, so I was definitely excited to upgrade.

I moved last year, and since I get paperless billing and direct debit for my account, I overlooked changing my address. Since both Apple and AT&T will only ship to the billing address, I went with AT&T for the purchase, since it would be easier to directly change my address through them in the frenzy of all the iPhone preorders. That went through without a problem- no complaints there.

Twice my transaction was declined because my credit card company put a fraud alert on my card when I ordered. Not AT&T’s fault. Not even their fault that I was on hold for nearly an hour twice yesterday while trying to get it straightened out on AT&T’s end.

I got a confirmation email yesterday that said I should receive my order by October 14, 2011.

(Too big to show up on the page, so click here)

When I called because it looked like again, my order had not gone through (but it actually did), I found out that it will not leave the warehouse until October 14, 2011, which at earliest means I won’t receive it until October 15th.

So you see the lie there? Even on an estimation, you can’t estimate something will arrive on a day it cannot possibly arrive.

Oh, but there’s an asterisk, you say? That’s true. Here’s what it says:

(Too big to show up on the page, so click here)

Nothing about that it won’t leave the warehouse until then. Totally. Deceptive.

Unfortunately, I just virtually signed a contract with AT&T for 2 more years. Although I originally opened my cellular account with a smaller company that was eventually absorbed by AT&T, I have had the same account since I got my first cell phone in 1999. When this contract ends, I will be looking elsewhere, unless this supervisor (Agent #A06009) happened to be wrong.

If you haven’t bought your iPhone 4S yet, you may want to consider buying elsewhere. They don’t get richer unless we buy their products or use their services.

Edit: I have received a call back from the previous supervisor’s supervisor. Although he initially backed what she said, he did say whatever the email said should be the most accurate information. I will keep my fingers crossed, but I will not hold my breath, as the saying goes.

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11 Responses to AT&T Lies About iPhone 4S Arrival Date

  1. Billy Burke says:

    What time did you pre order it? I pre ordered mine at about 9:30 Central time, and I want to know if it’s going to be here that weekend as well. So if you could please tell me when you pre ordered yours.

  2. Adam says:

    This happened to me last year when I pre-ordered the iPhone 4, and I got it one day before the release date! So hopefuly that’s what happens again this year with our iphone4s’s because I hate waiting lol and I’m sure you do too, but I got the same e-mail so we’ll see…

  3. Chris says:

    Yes indeed! I spent several hours this week with my credit card company and AT&T in attempt to resolve this same issue! I waited up late at night until I got the order though about 1:30am PT..then I got the notice the next day from my Credit Card company saying a fraud alert and stop the payment. I spend 2 hours the following Sunday morning with my Credit Card company and AT&T and got the payment through. I called Monday to AT&T and they checked all 3 of their systems and said it’s a go! Then came today (Wednesday) my credit card company called me for another fraud alert saying AT&T was making another charge when they got their money on the 7th. AT&T couldn’t give me a straight story!! They suck! I finally got a hold of another rep at AT&T and they got me connected to a rep in their ECon department – E for English 😛 <-true! The order is now back on track..but I don't trust them. I blame my crcedit card company (Bank of America – should I say more?) they said they were doing me a service since I have their most presitages card. I gave them hell on the phone as how can they not know this is a huge release?? And I do business with AT&T and Apple on my credit card.. So Bank of America SUCKS MORE!!!

  4. Sujatha says:

    I called AT & T today and the person said very politely that the “phone” arrives only tomorrow to them and it will take 3 to 5 shipping days for us to get it. Bummer!! Have to call and recheck.

  5. Chris says:

    Just got off the phone with AT&T. They cancelled my order for the 4th time saying my credit card denied the charge. I called my credit card company and had a conference call. What happened is that AT&T screwed up and made additional charges to my credit card after the first attempt went through. They told me they have to cancel everything out and have me go back to their website and order the phone. HOWEVER I knew the phone hasn’t been available on their site since yesterday. They sold out of pre-orders. And I was one of the first to place the order once their site came online.

    SCREW AT&T!!! Don’t trust them…They lie! My wife’s brithday surprise is now ruined and I’m out of town on work during her need to make other plans.

    Occupy Wall Street needs to camp out on AT&T’s San Ramon Campus!!!

    • jodie says:

      That really sucks. Allegedly, mine is out on a truck and set to be delivered tomorrow (despite even yesterday them still saying they wouldn’t ship until tomorrow), but now I’m noticing that there is no charge from them on my credit card statement. They were so not prepared for this launch.

  6. Chris says:

    AT&T apparently charged my credit card 4 times and now they had to cancel the order and told me to reorder on their website. Now their website says I can only upgrade if I already have a smart phone..They are now bating and swicthing. I hope their is a class action lawsuit on them!! They do lie. All they needed to do is apologize and come clean that they sold out on the first day! Either way, my credit card gave them the payment on 10/7. AT&T is so screwed up. They need to fire their leadership!

  7. Chris says:

    Gave up. Cancelled my preorder, walked into an AT&T store and bought it. Done!
    Apparently the problem was rooted in a follow e-mail AT&T was to send out to everyone to accept the terms and conditions. Many folks never got this e-mail including me. Since their system did not receive a response, it cancelled the pre-orders.

  8. joel says:

    So upset with AT&T!

    Ordered at 8am 10/7.
    As of today 2 white 32GB iphone 5s’s on back order w/no end date in sight.
    AT&T has my money and will not return.
    Local AT&T stores have the phones I ordered in stock!!


  9. Jeremy says:

    I have experienced quite a disaster with my pre-order. I ordered my 4s at 7:32 am central and received a message saying one had been reserved and expected to be delivered on oct 14, 2011. It is now the 19th and still not shipped.

    I have made over 9 calls now trying to find out what happened. I spent over 6 hours on hold waiting for customer service to answer. When I asked to cancel the order, I get told it cannot be canceled.

    What I got told about the pre-order status from a supervisor there is that the pre-order is to guarantee that you will get an iPhone “sometime”. I cried BS on that one because without a pre-order I am still guaranteed to get one “sometime” and that a pre-order is to reserve it to get on release day.

    I asked if they would compensate me for the large inconvenience and was practically laughed at. Even though my email says the 14th, they kept saying the email was wrong and the actual date was mid November.

    So to sum this up, I have not gotten my phone yet, people who did not reserve one have, and now I am being told AT&T is going to steal 320 out of my checking account when they ship the phone that I do not want. Willing to bet they will charge a restocking fee too… that will not fly.

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