Baked Apples with Barley-Chorizo Pilaf

The New York Times has had a lot of vegetarian, often vegan, and easily veganizable recipes lately. I made this recipe the other night, for Baked Apples with Barley-Chorizo Pilaf. i used the Field Roast Mexican Chorizo sausage in place of the meat (just one link was plenty). It was delicious, and I suggest you do the same. However, don’t let the New York Times photo fool you; yours will not look like that when they’re baked. You see, I’m pretty sure that the ones in that picture aren’t actually baked, because mine looked downright gross. But eat it anyway- you’ll thank me.

Mine looked so gross, you’re not getting a picture! I do wish someone would hurry up and invent a way to taste recipes through the computer, though. 🙂

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