Busy, busy.

I have been out straight this week with a conference that I run.  I know that I mostly talk about being a nursing student here, but I’m also a music therapist.  This conference, Passages, is for music therapy students and new professionals in their first 2 or so years of practice here in New England.  

Besides it being awesome because of what the conference is about and for and there’s all kinds of great energy going around, the food is awesome,  because I’m in charge of it.  The spread is vegetarian, not vegan, but this year everything that was not obviously dairy (milk, cheese, cream cheese) was vegan.  This includes the apple turnovers I made, along with some awesome cupcakes.  And while there was all kinds of leftover other stuff- every single cupcake and turnover was eaten.  Yay for vegan foods!


And yay for VeganMoFo.
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2 Responses to Busy, busy.

  1. Bethany says:

    that’s cool that you got as much vegan stuff in there as you could.

    being a music therapist sounds really interesting.

  2. Jodie says:

    Music therapy is awesome. I really wish that I was more active in doing it right now!

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