Dehydrators Are Cool

Back in May, I bought myself a dehydrator. Here I am, un-boxing it!

Very exciting!

Then I used it once, to put a rind on a cheese I made from Russell James’ Raw Nut Cheese e-cookbook. I had seen a post on JL Goes Vegan making some of the cheeses from the book, and then really wanted to try it myself. I had made (and ate) the “goat cheese” recipe first (no dehydrator required), and then made the basic cashew cheese. After dehydrating it for the rind, I put it in my refrigerator and promptly forgot about it. So it’s been in there for about 2 months or so.

Yet, it still looks good!


Lookin’ good!

It tasted good, too. I don’t think anyone would ever mistake it for dairy cheese, but it’s nice and tangy.

But today, I decided I need to get more use out of my dehydrator. So I started off the day making first almond milk, and then using the pulp to make the almond crisps in the Russell James book.



These were okay. They definitely needed more time in the dehydrator, but not bad for a first try. Of course, it’s made almost entirely of nuts and seeds, so each cracker is approximately a million calories. 🙂 I have to see if I can find myself a source of juice pulp so I can try making a vegetable-based cracker next!

I’ve got something else in the dehydrator now, and I’m going to make more use of it over the next couple of weeks.

And of course, the Vida Vegan Conference is coming up!

19 Days to Vida Vegan Con!

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2 Responses to Dehydrators Are Cool

  1. I love the video! 🙂 I wish mine had a timer! I ended up buying one of those auto timers for an electric outlet — which is sort of annoying Sigh.

    Isn’t it amazing how long the cheese lasts? I recall Russell saying that the cheese can be good for six weeks.

  2. jodie says:

    I can vouch for it lasting 2+ months. I’m pretty sure I made it at the beginning of June. 🙂

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