Foodswings Closing!

Sadly, Brooklyn-based vegan restaurant Foodswings will be closing soon, though an exact date hasn’t been set. They’re being priced out by the rent, as Williamsburg gets trendier and trendier (I shouldn’t say much, I probably wouldn’t go to Williamsburg if it weren’t so trendy).

I actually went there a couple of times last year in conjunction with trips to Vaute Couture, just a short walk down the street. I had tried some of their food once before at one of the Veg Fests. It’s not health food by any means, but it was good food. And all vegan. Did I mention vegan?


Faux chicken (Gardein, I think) covered with faux ham, covered with faux cheese (Daiya) served with fries. Like I said, not health food.


I’d rate this one a little healthier- veggie burger with Buffalo sauce. I’m betting there’s something vegan blue-cheese like in there somewhere, too.

I must confess, I didn’t love their food, but I loved that they existed (I didn’t dislike it, it was just a little heavy-handed for me. There were probably better choices, but my brain tells me to order really unhealthy stuff even when I don’t want to. True story). I hope that they will be able to find another location!

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