Fresh Chickpeas

fresh chickpeas

Spring vegetables are in abundance! The next few posts will be some of the different ones I’ve been trying recently. These are fresh chickpeas. You’re probably seeing all kinds of posts about them these days. Right now in my neck of the woods, they’re available at Whole Foods, and if you can find them, you should try them. I’ve served them up like edamame here, though prepared a bit differently. I threw these on the grill pan for a few minutes to char them, and then tossed them with lemon juice and salt. Eat them like edamame, by sucking the beans out of the shell. I bought a lot, so I’m going to be trying them a couple of other ways this week, too!
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2 Responses to Fresh Chickpeas

  1. zoe p. says:

    I love the chickpea in all its incarnations. But I've never had – or heard of – them fresh! What do they even grow on? Chickpea bushes? I'm fascinated . . .

  2. Jodie says:

    They look like they either grow on a vine, like string beans or on a stalk like edamame, but I'm leaning towards the vine. You can see some of the stems in the pictures- looks pretty string bean-like.

    Whole Foods should have them for the rest of them month, so check 'em out if you get over there! Maybe next year Edge of the Woods will carry them… 🙂

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