Fronch Toast and Tempeh Bacon

Fronch Toast with Tempeh Bacon

Both are based on recipes from Vegan with a Vengeance. Unfortunately, I didn’t think ahead of time that this would look like a big ol’ plate o’ brown. The clementine sections were the most colorful fruit I had on hand, but some steamed green veggies would have really rounded this out.

Live and learn! And VeganMoFo!


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2 Responses to Fronch Toast and Tempeh Bacon

  1. tofufreak says:

    mmm.. breakfast!

    it’s okay if everything’s the same color. so long as it’s yumyy! and i definitely think your breakfast qualifies as yummy 😀

  2. Joanna says:

    HEY !!!! That’s my recipe! I use tempeh bacon, nasoyannaise and ketchup with relish, sauteed onions (lots lots lots of these), saurkraut and sourdough rye bread. Hard not to devour all of them if you are making for guests. I saute the tempeh in the oil used for the carmelized onions. Divine!

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