Happy Solstice!

Well, I’m behind on my holidays.  It’s been a very busy end of the semester!  I expect to have some extra time to be cook and taking pictures after the holidays, but for now I have some pictures from Thanksgiving.

cranberry sauce
Don’t judge me. I love cranberry sauce from a can.
sweet potato
I had a random sweet potato hanging around, so I mashed it up.
green beans
Green Beans. I used this recipe from Vegetarian Times, except I used hazelnuts.
mashed potatoes
Plain ol’ mashed potatoes. No special recipe for this.
pearled onions
Creamed pearled onions.  I used this recipe, substituting soy milk for the cream, Earth Balance for the butter. The onions are mixed colors, too.
So, I looked at probably 20 different stuffing recipes before I made this. It’s cubed sourdough and cornbread, with onions, celery, dried cranberries and some spices. Pretty free form. I’d cube the bread smaller, next time.
celebration roast
Celebration Roast. I really like them- I’m having another for Christmas.
apple crumble pie
Apple Pie with Almond Crumble.  I used this recipe here– it was so, so good.
Coconut-Pumpkin Pie
I made two pies. I really like pie, in case you couldn’t tell. I used Bryanna Clark Grogan’s recipe (scroll down towards the bottom of the page), but I subbed coconut milk for the soymilk. It was delicious.

Happy holidays!
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2 Responses to Happy Solstice!

  1. Leigh says:

    Wow, those green beans look really special! Yum!

  2. aTxVegn says:

    Yummy! What great food pics!

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