How would you feel?

I just read this article from Slate today. I’m sure it’s blowing up their page hits today and that’s why they ran it, because I have a hard time believing that they are this ignorant.

If you don’t feel like giving them a page hit, here’s the bottom line: omnivore makes dinner (risotto) for vegetarian guests, and uses chicken stock. The stock was originally an accident, but then he decides not to tell his guests because it would be rude of them not to eat what he’s serving, and basically veg*n people need to get over themselves and be polite.

Pot, meet kettle.

My basic comment there was if any of my friends ever did that to me, I would consider that a serious breech of trust. Not realize that you used chicken stock until after we’ve eaten? That’s an accident and there should be no hard feelings. Intentionally use chicken stock and lie to me about it? Why should I believe anything else you ever say if you feel it’s not a big deal to lie to me about that?

If I were in that situation and they came clean with me, it’s true, I would not eat the meal. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t still enjoy the company.


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2 Responses to How would you feel?

  1. Ughh that is so despicable! Thank you for the rundown so I don’t have to give them another greatly desired pageview. People can be so ignorant and disgusting. Just because you might not agree with someone’s beliefs doesn’t mean you have to actively defy them. People suck sometimes! Intentional trickery in this regard would absolutely be a friendship ender for me.

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