Keyword Freakiness

First the food: I just made a tasty channa massala from this recipe, but it’s really not all that pretty. It is however, tasty, and will last me a few meals.

I was just looking at the keywords that bring people to this blog. Most of them are straightforward- just people looking for recipes, information about bokashi, and occasionally something about vegan nurses. The two most popular recipes that bring people here seem to be kale chips and chocolate almond biscotti. Word. That’s cool, right?

I’ve been know in real life to swear like a sailor (at very unexpected moments, too), but I keep it clean here. No swears or innuendo, hence I don’t get terribly strange search queries. Except this one, which, while clean, is quite strange: couscous nursing covers.

Why would one want nursing covers to have anything to do with couscous? Is someone looking for a very different crafting project? I mean, I suppose it’s all part of the food chain, but that’s an odd way to express it (pun intended). I realize it’s probably just a consequence of the hidden boolean operators Google uses, and Google owns Blogger (or has some kind of partnership), so this might come up a little higher in the search engines, and perhaps “couscous” “nursing” “covers” were not meant to have anything to do with each other. But still.

Edit: I figured it out. It’s a brand of nursing covers!

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