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While I was researching restaurants I would be able to get to in San Diego, I came across Nature’s Express. I jokingly posted on my Facebook page, “Would it be wrong to rent a car for the express purpose of going to an all-vegan drive-thru?” I swear I was joking, but I ended up renting a car while I was there so I could drive up to Los Angles to visit my brother.

So before I went to LA, I stopped at Nature’s Express. I had planned to take the bus, but since it was Saturday and the bus ran less frequently, I was afraid I wouldn’t be back in time for my presentation. Because of that, I went in the rental car, but there’s not actually any need to drive. I actually walked up to the window, and you can order the food inside, too. The window was more like a 1950s drive thru.
Here’s the menu:


I took my food back to my hotel room, so I knew I would be on time for my presentation (it would be really bad to be late to that!). I ordered the bacon cheese burger and fries. SO GOOD. This restaurant should totally replace McDonald’s. I don’t think that most people would even know the difference.


So that evening, I drove up to LA to visit my brother and see his band, The Quiet, play. We did go to a tiny vegan restaurant near the Hotel Cafe where he was playing, called Vegan House 2. None of the pictures came out at all (it was really dark in there). The food was okay, but nothing to write home about, as the saying goes. My brother said there was a fancy vegan restaurant that he wanted to try elsewhere, but traffic kept me from getting there at a decent hour. I guess I’ll have to go back some time! 🙂
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