Let's say…

Let’s say that today was your last day of class before Spring Break. You’re excited! And hungry, and ready for something different since you’ve been eating leftover lasagne for the last week. Of course you did go to an awesome potluck with friends the other night and last night you went to a drug dinner at a fancy-schmancy steakhouse, but that just can’t compare to what you can whip up in your own kitchen. For the record, the steak house did make you a vegan meal (salad, pasta primavera and lemon sorbet for dessert. Not really your favorite, but hey, it was free. And educational. And interesting.), so no worries there. So anyways, you’re in the mood to make something good. And decadent. You just saw this post, and it inspired you. Especially since you happen to have a stack of wonton wrappers in your freezer. And a half-eaten container of Tofutti Cream Cheese in your fridge. And you cut up a bunch of scallions the other day so you could get rid of the wilted ends when you were changing over the compost bin. Not to mention the fact that you used to love crab rangoon and you haven’t had it in years. Well, you never loved the crab part, but the whole fried dough with cheese and scallions… yum. So, you decide to make a vegan version. And this is what you come up with.

Looks good, doesn’t it? Aren’t you glad you had these things hanging around?

And let’s just say that you happen to have half of a block of frozen-thawed tofu all cut up in your fridge, waiting for you to use it up quickly. And there’s still plenty of oil in the pan from your wontons. Well, I bet you might make sesame tofu, since it’s one of your favorites. And since you have some cooked up rice in the freezer along with some green beans, you’ve got a whole meal. Look at it!

Now let’s just say you’re full. Very, very full. And you promise not to eat fried foods again for a while. At least after the rest of your sesame tofu is gone. Yum.

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