A lunch, a dinner, and a vegetable I find I don’t like.

Salad in a pita, using the oven-fried tofu I made the other night. Nothing special, just a tasty and filling lunch.

Tonight’s dinner. The pasta is based on a recipe in the January issue of Real Simple, with very minor alterations. It’s whole wheat spaghetti cooked in vegetable broth with parsley and chick peas. Simple (as the magazine name implies) and really, really good. I’m not kidding.

On the other hand is th vegetable. The only reason I put it in a separate dish was because I wasn’t really sure how to plate it with the pasta, but I’m glad I did. I’ve been experimenting with other vegetables to increase my veggie intake, and decided to try collard greens. I had some leftover canned tomatoes as well, and while I’m not usually a fan, I figured that they’re cooked sufficiently, so they would be okay. And actually, they were. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that I really do not like collard greens. Would not ever make again.

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