Mac & Cheeze

There’s a lot of vegan mac & cheeze recipes out there, but this has to be the easiest. I just got it from x_bluerose_x over at LiveJournal in the vegancooking community, and as she points out, it is made of WIN.

Here goes:

Boil pasta. (Whole wheat penne used here).
Drain, but leave a little bit of water.
Throw into bowl.
Grate or chop a melty commercial vegan cheeze. I used Veganrella Cheddar Style.
Cover bowl, toss in microwave for 30 seconds (I did 45 seconds, as my cheeze was frozen).
Mix it together, and eat.

Is there any easier way?

The vegan cheeze really melts down like Velveeta with just a little bit of water, so this is probably most like the boxed Kraft Dinner that uses the Velveeta packet, not the one that uses the powdered cheese product.

And if you happen to be doing Weight Watchers, I believe this recipe would be considered completely core (when using whole wheat pasta), unless they’ve taken soy cheese off the list. Score.

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