Nice Slice


Chipotle, onion and vegan sausage pizza.

Most times when I drive to and from Cape Cod, I drive through Providence, RI. I had read about Nice Slice over in one of the vegan communities on LiveJournal some time ago, and decided it was one of those places that I had to stop into. It’s a little place by Brown University, with a vegan menu. They have vegan pizza by the slice, as well as options to buy whole vegan pizzas, sandwiches and ice cream. Sweet, huh? I’ve been twice, once about a year ago, and now on my way back from my recent vacation. For some reason, both times they had the same two pizzas so slices, the one above and plain cheese- but I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt and say it was just coincidence. 🙂

Awesome little place if you’re in Providence, RI!

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