What is that fruit?
It’s a PawPaw, at least in North America. In other parts of the world, “PawPaw” refers to Papayas, which I hate. I did not hate this.
PawPaws are a seasonal fruit that are indigenous to North America, primarily growing on the East Coast. They’re actually a really big berry, but they’re closer to the size of a small apple. In the Northeast, they are in season right now, and probably will be for another week or so; but they ripen and spoil so fast, they aren’t usually shipped to other parts of the country. This tasted like a cross between a peach and a banana.
I had never had one of these before, or even noticed them in the store. But since they were super cheap, I decided to try one. Of course, I had no idea how to eat it. So after a little looking around, I settled on the split it open and eat with a spoon method; other people peel and eat like a banana. It seemed a little to soft to me to do that, but apparently you can.
So now you know what it is and how to eat it, so if you see them near you, try it! This fruit service brought to you by VeganMoFo.


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3 Responses to PawPaw!

  1. zoe p. says:

    Wow. I had no idea that such a thing grew ANYWHERE nearby. I want to find one. Where'd you get it?

    I also like that the paw paw appeared at almost the same time as your no-endorsement clause. You mean the paw paw people didn't pay you? ; )

    And one last question – it's not a little . . . slimy, is it?

  2. Jodie says:

    I got it at Edge of the Woods- they have a display of them near the door. It's not slimy- it more creamy, like a combination between a soft banana and an avocado.

    No, the Paw Paw people did not send me any free ones. 🙂 I put the disclosure thing up just in case the FTC is watching! I haven't gotten anything free to review, but I do have the Amazon links (which are recent). To date, I've made $0.54 through that. If Amazon didn't have a minimum for releasing money, I could buy two Paw Paws with my earnings! 🙂

    But I wouldn't want an $11,000 fine over fifty-four cents.

  3. Monique a.k.a. Mo says:

    I've never heard of this before! It looks interesting. I was gonna say that it kinda looked like an avocado with a bunch of pits in it.

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