The Picky Vegan!

I bet you think vegans like all vegetables.

I don’t.

I hate tomatoes. I despise mushrooms. I don’t like eggplant or broccoli. I hate seaweed. I don’t like mushy vegetables, things that have a “fishy” taste and a whole host of other things.

I do like most fruits, a lot of other vegetable, grains and vegetable protein sources. I dedicate this vegan blog to all the food that I *do* like, whether it’s made by me, a friend, a family member, a restaurant… as long as I like it!

I’m a fairly busy nursing student at the Yale University School of Nursing, so most of what I make will focus on foods that can be made quickly or can be stored in the freezer for individual use. I like to use as much local produce as I can, so I’ll start you off with a photo of some food I picked up right at the beginning of the school year from the Wooster Square Farmer’s Market in New Haven, CT.

Lettuce, edamame, purple pepper, shallots and garlic. They were turned into many things which I did not take pictures of. 🙁

Happy eating!

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