Pizza Rules.

I am sitting in beautiful San Diego, CA, here for the American Music Therapy Association annual conference. My day started this morning in New Haven, CT when my alarm clock (well, iPhone) went off at 3:30AM. It took me a bit to drag myself out of bed and to get dressed, but by 4:20AM (huh huh) I was on the road to Hartford, CT to catch a 6AM flight to San Diego, by way of Dallas-Fort Worth. I barely made it!

During the first leg of my flight this morning, I slept most of the time. I did bring some dried fruit and granola with me so I would have something to eat, which is good, because the food options at Dallas-Forth Worth are pretty useless for a vegan. The second leg of my flight this morning was much more entertaining, as it had on-board wireless. Best $14 I’ve ever spent (but totally would not do if I traveled by air frequently. Way too expensive for regular use). I kept taking pictures and posting them to Facebook to pass the time. Here’s a picture taken somewhere over western Texas:

Pic from a plane!  I'm not sure where I am right now, but it sure is pretty.
But you came here for the food, right?
I had high hopes that I’d be able to go out and explore this afternoon, since because of the time difference I arrived just a little after 12P, but I was (and am!) exhausted. I had checked out restaurants online before arriving however, and was interested in trying Pizza Fusion. Since they deliver to my hotel, pizza it was!
After I went vegan I still once in a while would order a pizza without cheese initally, but I stopped when I moved to New Haven. So it’s been over two years since I’ve had pizza that I didn’t have to make myself (or get from the freezer case!). Best part?
Pizza Fusion Vegan Pizza!
Do you see that “cheese?”
It’s Daiya. First time I’ve been able to try it, and I’m very impressed. I think I’ll stick with Teese as my standby for it’s greater versatility, but I really liked Daiya. Plus pineapple and onion on a multigrain crust. Pizza just does not get better than this!
Stay tuned for more!
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