Roasted Caprese Pasta

My current schedule has me home most mornings, and I’ve developed a habit I’m ashamed to admit: I sometimes watch Rachael Ray. I usually skip the beginning, because I still think she’s annoying, but she has food towards the end that’s often not too hard to veganize. They’re usually fast, easy, and surprisingly don’t rely on a whole lot of processed foods, at least of the ones I’ve seen. So, tonight’s dinner was straight from one of her shows last week: Roasted Caprese Spaghetti. I left out the Parmesan cheese, and substituted Teese for the Mozzarella. My pesto was a little different, as I didn’t have any arugula or tarragon. I used spinach and parsley in their places. I think the tarragon would have been a very interesting addition; I’m not crazy about arugula, but maybe I’d try it in this sometime.


You might notice, this recipe is full of whole grape tomatoes. I loved them. Roasted with olive oil and salt, they were delicious. I think they are absolutely vile and slimy when just tossed into a salad, but here they were fabulous. Definitely a thought for a picky eater who doesn’t like tomatoes.

Obviously I subbed penne for spaghetti, mostly because the penne was in reach and didn’t require me to get a step-ladder to get it down from the cupboard (I’m short. What can I say?). Served with pomegranate iced tea.

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