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Candle 79

The day after my last post, I got an iPad. It is awesome, and has been my primary internet device since then. There is one thing that the iPad isn’t so good for though… and that’s blogging. So I’m here … Continue reading

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Glazed Port Wine Biscuits

I don’t know, this feels like more of a biscuit than a cookie. I forgot to mix my sugar into my liquids, which is why you can see the sugar crystals. Doesn’t matter so much here- it’s more a matter … Continue reading

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Vegan Cookies

I don’t do it every year, but something I love doing at Christmas is to make a whole bunch of different cookies to bring into work and to give out as gifts. It’s awesome to spread some vegan goodness to … Continue reading

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Birthday Cake!

We celebrated vegan boyfriend’s birthday this weekend, with a chocolate peanut butter cake. The recipe for the cake itself is the same as the one from my birthday cake, only doubled and baked in two 9 inch cake pans (it’s … Continue reading

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Healthy Weeknight Meal: Chickpea Piccata

I knew I had posted this before sometime last year. Guess when? Last VeganMoFo, of course! Old picture- tonight I served it just with arugula- no pasta. Tonight’s meal was Chickpea Piccata from Appetite for Reduction. The recipe is available … Continue reading

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