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The End of VeganMoFo! (Vegan New Bedford-Style Kale Soup)

Despite the fact that I’ve not really been active this week, I did more than meet the VeganMoFo challenge of 20 posts during October (this makes #24).  It’s been an awesome challenge, and I hope that everyone who started reading and commenting on this blog … Continue reading

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VeganMoFo or VeganMoPho?

I’m using this recipe here; I haven’t changed anything substantial, so I’m not reposting it. The thing about Pho is that you have to have a really awesome broth. I think the way to best achieve that is with a … Continue reading

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Mexican Chayote Soup for VeganMoFo

Isn’t that creepy?  It looks like it could eat me, not the other way around!  In case you’re not familiar, this is a chayote, a member of the squash family.  It’s very mild tasting, and the flesh, skin and seeds … Continue reading

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Tofu Noodle Soup

In my “pantry” (cupboards, freezer, fridge) this weekend: Wonton wrappers Gyoza wrappers Pho noodles Tofu Carrots Onions Scallions Garlic Ginger Powdered chick*n broth Soy Sauce Rice Vinegar Dried Chiles … and much more!  Some might call me a pack rat. … Continue reading

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Cannellini Bean-Amaranth Soup

I have an unnatural love of soups.  I am loving this cooler weather, mostly because I can eat soup twice a day and not sweat while doing so.  I know in the sumer I could do cold soups like cucumber … Continue reading

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Zucchini Bisque

Recipe from The Vegan Feast Kitchen. I used half yellow and half green squash (from my mom’s garden!) which probably accounts for the lighter color.  I did the cashew cream option rather than the tofu.

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Cuban-Style Black Bean Soup

Cuban-Style Black Bean Soup Originally uploaded by jodield Cuban-Style Black Bean Soup It’s cold out. So very cold! And when it’s cold, I like to make me some soup. This is adapted from a recipe for Cuban Black Bean Soup. … Continue reading

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One Semester Down.

I’ve been terrible about posting here, thought I’ve really wanted to. There’s a couple of reasons, and neither of them has to do with bein busy. One is the pain in the neck it is to upload all the photos, … Continue reading

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