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Vegan Brunch

I got my copy of Vegan Brunch: Homestyle Recipes Worth Waking Up For-From Asparagus Omelets to Pumpkin Pancakes the other day, and I tried out the English Muffin recipe to start with.  First, I ate them this way: Then I … Continue reading

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Apple-Ginger Autumn Roll with Sweet and Smoky Tofu for VeganMoFo

Done for the Iron Chef Challenge at the PPK.  I’m loving VeganMoFo. I had actually planed to do a lot with ginger and apples, this week’s secret ingredients, over this month, so this was pretty cool.  I marinated the tofu in … Continue reading

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Pad Thai

Another variation on this week’s Napa Cabbage theme. The recipe is mostly the Brooklyn Pad Thai from Vegan with a Vengence, though the vegetables I use are different than the ones called for, and I make a minor substitution in … Continue reading

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Tofu Noodle Soup

In my “pantry” (cupboards, freezer, fridge) this weekend: Wonton wrappers Gyoza wrappers Pho noodles Tofu Carrots Onions Scallions Garlic Ginger Powdered chick*n broth Soy Sauce Rice Vinegar Dried Chiles … and much more!  Some might call me a pack rat. … Continue reading

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Potato Fusion Dumplings

Potato Fusion Dumplings from VegNews.  The filling is a smoky tofu and potato blended with edamame, garlic, crushed red pepper, soy milk and Earth Balance.  They’re topped with a bit more Earth Balance and a little cracked pepper, because cracked … Continue reading

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Fettucini Alfredo

After several tries, I think I got it right this time.  This is meant to be modeled after a Weight Watchers or Lean Cuisine type meal- so it won’t taste any more like real Fettucini Alfredo than they do.   It is … Continue reading

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quiche Originally uploaded by jodield Quiche with a phyllo crust. I often end up with odd ingredients in my fridge and freezer (thanks, mom), and I have to use them somehow! I’m not posting a recipe for this one, as … Continue reading

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Vegan Dishes Against the World and Sesame Tofu

The Yale School of Nursing is holding a cooking contest. Today was the deadline to enter recipes. The categories are Main Dish with Meat (boo!), Vegan or Vegetarian Main Dish, Salads, Appetizers, and Desserts. I have submitted for three categories, … Continue reading

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Let's say…

Let’s say that today was your last day of class before Spring Break. You’re excited! And hungry, and ready for something different since you’ve been eating leftover lasagne for the last week. Of course you did go to an awesome … Continue reading

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Some recent meals

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. Half the time I don’t remember to even take a picture of what I’ve made, and most of the rest of the time, I’m just too tired. Also, I eat a lot of leftovers. … Continue reading

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