Teff Muffins

After buying The Vegan Lunch Box, I fell in love with the recipes for Split Pea Alecha and Injera. I went out in search of Teff Flour, but was disappointed to find that at the only place I could find it, it was ridiculously expensive. I’m all for supporting local business, but I draw the line at paying almost twice the average price of an item. I did buy it at the time, but after I used it up I ordered it in bulk from Amazon. Of course, how often can one make injera?

On the back of the packages is a recipe for Teff Muffins. I don’t buy the brown rice flour that it calls for, so I subbed whole wheat pastry flour and did a flax egg replacer for the eggs (and note to Bob’s Red Mill: please make your recipes vegan. You can advertise even MORE of your products that way. Thank you). At any rate, they need some work, so I’m not posting a recipe yet. However, they’ve been a very filling breakfast this week!


All together.


Opened and spread with Earth Balance. I decided I also like Strawberry Preserves on these, as well. They’re not particularly sweet on their own.

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