This one’s not about food. It’s about teh environment.

One of the reasons I feel good about being vegan is because it’s a way to be more environmentally conscious.  It’s certainly not the answer to all the environmental issues we face, and arguments can be made for instances where veganism is not environmentally friendly.  But I find it an important issue, and every now and then I might blog about something environmental that has nothing to do with veganism.  Like now.

Sometime this month before my birthday, I have to go to Massachusetts to renew my driver’s license (alternately, I could get a license in Connecticut instead, but since I have no intention of staying in CT once I’m done with school, I’m not going to.  I am still a tax-paying resident of MA, and changing things is more trouble than it’s worth).  The closest Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles to New Haven is in Springfield.  It’s about 67 miles.  It also happens to be .5 miles from the train station.  I live in walking distance of the train station in New Haven, as well.  Clearly, it’s a better environmental choice to walk to the New Haven train station, take the train to Springfield, walk to the RMV and then reverse the trip.  It’s a no-brainer.  I don’t have any errands that I was planning to make the trip more worthwhile, either, so it is definitely the better choice for the environment.
Except, even with the ridiculous cost of gas (CT has the second highest price for gas in the US right now), it’s way more expensive to take the train.  Assuming that I get 30 miles to the gallon, it’s less than $20 to drive.  It’s $34 to take the train.  If I spring for a Student Advantage card, it would still be $29.  Plus in this case, driving is faster.  And more convenient.
I may well take the train anyway.  By the week of my birthday I’ll be done with school, which means I have more time to play around with for work, so I’ll have the time.  And honestly, even as a student, an extra $9-14 this one time isn’t going to “break the bank” (it broke a long time ago, anyway).  But how can we convince other people to take public transportation instead when driving is so much more enticing?  Faster, cheaper, more convenient… plus I can belt out the soundtrack to Wicked while I’m driving.  I don’t think my fellow passengers would take too kindly to that on a train.
It’s a definite issue.
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