Tomato Sauce with Pictures!

I haven’t had much time for cooking this week.   I’m afraid that I’m just not going to have a whole lot of time for cooking this semester, which starts Tuesday.  I decided that in preparation, I should spend this weekend cooking up some things that I can freeze for later use.

Fortunately, I came home with a few items from gardens on the Cape last week.  I got a whole bag full of cherry tomatoes.  Since you all know at this point how I feel about eating them raw, I made them into this sauce, only a lot more.  I swear, I could just eat this stuff by the spoon-full.  I did add a little bit of parsley in addition to the basil from my windowsill garden, and both the onions and garlic are local.  Yay for locavore food! 
Here the tomatoes are, cooking down with some onions and garlic:

2 great iPhotos

And here’s the finished product over some SoyBoy Spinach Ravioli:
2 great iPhotos

Sorry about the lighting- I didn’t start cooking until late.
I’ll be freezing this in single-serving containers.  What I hate about jar sauce the most is that I can never eat it all before it starts getting moldy.  I eventually got smart enough to freeze the jar sauce that I couldn’t use before it went bad, but why not cut out the jar entirely?
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