Variations on the genus Allium; or, what I had for Easter dinner.

Easter Dinner

It was the week following Easter Sunday that I became vegan last year. For Easter dinner last year, my mom made me a Stouffer’s cheese lasagne. Since I was the only one at dinner eating it, I took it home with me as well. I ate leftovers of this lasagne (with a B├ęchemel sauce, not tomato) for several days. Then I got sick. Very sick. Like, worst pain I had ever had sick. I knew what being sick was a symptom of, and I did have it throughly medically investigated. I learned from Dr. Google however, that the most likely culprit for my illness was… dairy. So, I became vegan.

Easter is much earlier this year than last, so this isn’t my anniversary, but I thought I’d cook a nice dinner anyway. Pictured here is Roasted Lemony Brussels Sprouts with Middle Eastern Couscous, Colcannon, Sham, and Spring Onion Gravy. There’s a different type of onion in each dish, except the Sham.

Best Easter dinner I’ve ever had.

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