Vegan Buffalo Burrito


In my continuing quest to use up a block of Blue Sheese before it expires, I made Blue Sheese dressing, which is made of  Veganaise, soyogurt, rice wine vinegar, salt, pepper parsley, garlic, and grated blue sheese.  I don’t really have a recipe for that, other than you start with the Veganaise, add some soyogurt to fill it out (or you could go all Veganaise, but that gets pretty high fat), then the vinegar to thin it out (and to taste), spices to taste, and it’s probably an ounce of the Sheese.

I used to go to a place on Cape Cod called Burrito Bistro for lunch quite a bit before I moved to New Haven.  It was quick, cheap-ish, and close by to where I worked.  Most of the time that I went there, I was vegetarian, not vegan, though I did continue to go (and skip the dairy) after I went vegan.  One of the burritos I have to give up though was my favorite, the Buffalo Burrito.  Their original version was chicken, rice, buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing.  They would make any of their burritos with beans instead, so I always got black beans instead of the chicken.  Of course, the dressing isn’t vegan, nor am I sure that their buffalo sauce was (though it might have been plain hot sauce, which is).  So, I gave that one up, and stuck to plain ol’ beans and rice.  

Blue Sheese gave me a chance to make it at home though, and it was just as good as at the restaurant, and this time animal-free!  It’s just black beans in buffalo sauce (hot sauce, Earth Balance, agave and a little ketchup) with rice and Blue Sheese dressing, wrapped in a tortilla.  The original has lettuce and salsa inside; I didn’t have any salsa (but you don’t need it with the buffalo sauce), and I served a salad on the side instead of lettuce inside.

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