Vegan on the Cheap: Dan-Dan Style Linguine

It’s the last day of VeganMoFo.

I am panning to continue my series on Healthy Weeknight Meals, but it will be much less often. Not that I’ll be eating healthy less often, but I’ll be doing some repeat meals, and well… I live alone. Sometimes I cook small meals for one, but many of the dishes I’ve made lately ahem made lots of leftovers… some of which I’ve not had the chance to eat, so they’ve been thrown out. That’s not good.

But you want to know what was good?

These noodles!


Made this with soba noodles instead of linguine. Also used TVP instead of Tempeh. Isn’t that cheaper?

This meal comes to us from Vegan on the Cheap.

Now, these could definitely be made on weeknight, but I hesitate to call them “healthy.” Not that they’re unhealthy per se, but there’s a LOT of fat in them. Which is what makes them taste so good!



I hope you’ve all enjoyed VeganMoFo this year!

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