Vegan Swap!

Vegan Swap!

I joined up in the Vegan Care Package Swap over at Cooking For A Vegan Lover’s blog. I was paired with Pixiepine, who sent me an awesome package. Unfortunately, I can’t find my camera so I could only take the pic with my iPhone, but if you click through, I have notes on the picture. Included are a Kiss My Face bar of soap, Raw Cacao Nibs, Vega Smoothie infusion, a granola plank, a chocolate bar (one for eating and one for baking!), sugar cookies, Sweet Thai Delight tea, Gummi Bears, and… a Lush conditioning bar!!!!!!!
I was a slacker and didn’t send mine until today, but I hope she’ll like the one I sent as much I like the one she sent!

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  1. pixiepine says:

    Yay- we sent really similar packages didn't we! I love the one you sent- thanks so much again!

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