VeganMoFo V!

It’s almost that time of year again! I’ve been participating in VeganMoFo since 2008, the second mofo (mofo standing for “Month of Food.”). For anyone who doesn’t know, VeganMoFo is a time to post most days of the month, specifically about vegan food. Though I’ve managed at least 20 posts most years, I’ve posted rather haphazardly most years. This year, I have a theme!

My theme will be Healthy Weeknight Meals. These will be home made, whole foods based meals that can be made quickly in the evening, slow cooked during the day or in bulk on another day to be used on a weeknight. I’m typically hungry when I get home from work, so I have a habit of making some bad choices- and this is a month to work on that. And blog about it, of course!

Monday through Thursday, you’ll be seeing a healthy weeknight meal. I will blog at least once each weekend as well, though those posts will more likely be a bit more random. I hope that you’ll follow along!

Speaking of following, I love it when you follow me on Facebook or Twitter!

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