Ways to Beat the Heat, #1


Since we can’t live on soy ice cream alone: fruit. Don’t have to cook it, it tastes great cold, and can be mixed up into a very tasty and sweet salad. This one is made up of pineapple, mango, strawberries and blueberries.

Have you ever been strawberry picking? My mom used to take my brother and I here. Something you might notice when you pick your own, is that most of the berries are on the smaller side. Sure, there’s always the ones that are two strawberries fused together, but you don’t see the giant ones, unless you happen to be picking the giant variety (like the ones used for chocolate dipped strawberries). But when you buy conventional ones at the grocery store, you get huge ones, thanks to genetic modification. This is a reason to buy organic- that, and that strawberries tend to be one of the most heavily pesticide-laden fruits out there. Plus, when you can get the small ones, they taste better!

Of course, buying them at the local farmer’s market is usually the better option, but I didn’t go this week, and they didn’t have them the week before. Ones at the farmer’s market might not be totally organic, but they will probably taste a lot better than the ones from Stop & Shop.

This was the first time I’ve ever bought a whole pineapple before. It wasn’t that hard to cut, though I’m not ready to do a tutorial yet. It’s incredibly sweet- right up my alley!

Stay cool!

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