Ways to Beat the Heat, #3 (Thai Black Rice Pudding)

Be prepared.

Silly sounding, I know. Yesterday while I was making dinner, I overheard on the news that this weekend was going to get humid again. It’s not forcasted to be quite as hot as earlier this week, but humid air in a small apartment without much ventilation is pretty darn hot- at least hotter than it is outside. So last night I started making a few things that I could eat over the next few days without having to cook.


Here’s the first. This was sort of a last minute decision to make, based on a post I saw at The Vegan Lunch Box. It’s Thai Black Rice Pudding. I had black rice and coconut milk, so I went ahead and made it. I did revise the recipe a bit, so here goes.

Thai Black Rice Pudding

1 cup black sticky rice (also known as purple rice)
1.5 cups water
2 cans coconut milk
1/4 cup brown sugar
pinch of sea salt
2 cardamom pods, crushed

Throw all the ingredients into a rice cooker. Set on cook (or high setting, not “keep warm”) and let it go until it shuts off. It should stop when it reaches a pudding-like consistency, because the cooker will think that all the liquid is gone. It’s great both hot and cold.

Since it was already warm last night, I actually set my rice cooker on my window sill (I have really deep ones) and let it cook there, so the heat would go out the window. It seemed to work pretty nicely.

I served with leftover fruit salad, and with coconut cream on top.

More to come!

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