Wheeler’s Frozen Desserts


And you thought there’d be a picture of food here, didn’t you? Well, so did I, but I apprently have a few things to learn about my new camera.

My friend’s wedding yesterday was in Cambridge, MA, so on my way home, I crossed the river and took a detour into Boston, to stop at Wheeler’s Frozen Desserts, home to Black Label Vegan Ice Cream. First awesome thing: it was after closing, but they were still open, so that rocked. Second: look at the door. It doesn’t say anything about “vegan.” You could well walk right into there, order an ice cream, and never know that you were eating a vegan treat. Third: it is AWESOME. I had the peanut butter chip ice cream, which rocked. I also had a taste of the Mexican Chocolate, which was also great. Awesome place, all around. I will definitely go back next time I’m in the Boston area.

Also cool- they have an ice cream truck! They go around to various places in the Boston area to sell their ice cream. I didn’t take a picture of the truck that was parked outside (hey, I was tired), but I can share a non-Wheeler’s ice cream truck related story. In my 10th grade French class, we were given an assignment to write and illustrate a children’s story. My story was a little twisted. It was about a boy named Jacques who was run over by an ice cream truck:




Of course, I am sure that Wheeler’s, being a vegan operation, would never do that. And hey, Jacques was just fine. He just broke his leg and got to be in traction for a while. It had a happy ending!

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4 Responses to Wheeler’s Frozen Desserts

  1. Katherine says:

    this is a great post! i love your illustrated story.

    sadly, when i read “traction” the first thing i thought of was 1) pin care; 2) making sure that the weights on the traction were balanced and 3) pressure ulcers.

    i think it is time for a vacation.

  2. Jodie says:

    I figure my presence at YSN must have been destined even back then! And maybe it’s time for a “Son of Jacques” story, about a little boy that ends up in a spica cast…

  3. FatMom says:

    C’est une bonne histoire! J’aimerais avoir une partie de cette spéciale de crème glacée! Vous êtes tellement chanceux! Nous n’avons pas rien de tel ici … sauf à l’épicerie.

  4. Jodie says:


    My French isn’t what it used to be… but I think you said I was lucky to have the ice cream place. It’s actually a couple of hours away (I live in CT, Wheeler’s is in Boston, MA), but I fortunately do get to Boston every now and then, so I am lucky in that respect!

    Peut-être Wheeler’s ouvriront un magasin près à vous!

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