When no one is happy about the food…

I went to an event for work this evening, where they were serving dinner. I think you know it’s not a great meal when even the omnis leave unsatisfied! It was just… meat. There was pasta as well (pasta alla vodka and bolgnese), but other than that, there was a table with roast beef, and a table with ham. No side dishes. No salad. A few appetizers (including crudités, with grapes that were apparently just for decoration, but which I took to eat) and bread. Not even a dessert, and this was also an awards ceremony! I mean, even I was disappointed there was no cake, even though I know I wouldn’t have been able to eat it.

I asked one of the servers if they had any pasta without sauce, so I ended up with a plate of penne with olive oil. Eh. People felt bad, but I pulled out my iPhone and showed them some of the pictures of my delicious food I make at home. No one felt bad for me after that!

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  1. FatMom says:

    Ha! I love it! Pulled out your iPhone and made everyone jealous AND hungry! That’s one crappy dinner, there…tables of dead animals…oh, boy…thanks! OH! And I hate it when I’m somewhere and I say: gosh, I’m vegan, is there anything else I can eat? And they begrudingly bring me a bowl of pasta with oil tossed on top. Soooooo creative!

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