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Make Your Own Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

Apples are all around us these days… no, not the computers and iDevices (well, those too), but the fruit. They’re cheap (and for some people, free!) and bountiful! And if you’re anything like I am, you might have a few … Continue reading

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Curried Beet and Sweet Potato Latke with Apple-Beet Chutney

I haven’t done the Vegan MoFo Iron Chef Challenge in a few years, but since I happened to be home for this one, I thought I might do it! The challenge was to make something with beets- specifically the roots. … Continue reading

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Wine Poached Apples

This is really nice on a crisp fall evening… Wine Poached Apples 6 small apples, peeled, cored and cut in half 3 cups vegan white wine 2 cups water (more if necessary to submerge apples in your pan) 1/2 cup … Continue reading

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Mmm, tasty, virus-y pig…

So all this talk about H1N1, a.k.a. “the swine flu” has me nostalgic for pork chops.  Yes, I am a sick and twisted person! My mom used to make pork chops with some regularity- usually coated with egg and breadcrumbs, … Continue reading

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Apple Crisp

Need something apple-dessert-ish for tomorrow, but don’t feel like making a crust?  How about an Apple Crisp? Apple Crisp 4-5 Apples (a couple of pears are good in there, too, in place of an apple or two), peeled, cored and … Continue reading

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Baked Apples with Barley-Chorizo Pilaf

The New York Times has had a lot of vegetarian, often vegan, and easily veganizable recipes lately. I made this recipe the other night, for Baked Apples with Barley-Chorizo Pilaf. i used the Field Roast Mexican Chorizo sausage in place … Continue reading

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Apple Turnovers

So I had about 10 lbs of apples in my fridge. I still probably have 8lbs, but this was an awfully tasty way to use up some of them. I used this recipe here, using Earth Balance in place of … Continue reading

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Apple-Ginger Autumn Roll with Sweet and Smoky Tofu for VeganMoFo

Done for the Iron Chef Challenge at the PPK.  I’m loving VeganMoFo. I had actually planed to do a lot with ginger and apples, this week’s secret ingredients, over this month, so this was pretty cool.  I marinated the tofu in … Continue reading

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Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal for VeganMoFo

Oatmeal is an awfully difficult dish to make photogenic.   It is however, reliably tasty and easy to make.  The basic recipe is 1 cup liquid to 1/2 cup oatmeal.  I use soymilk, and I throw in a peeled and … Continue reading

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