I’m a picky eater, and my recipes reflect that. For the most part, none contain mushrooms, tomatoes (but may call for tomato sauce, paste or ketchup), seaweed flavors, eggplant, or other “slimy” vegetables. On the rare occasions where they do, they’re either optional, for your non-picky guests, or are somehow turned into something I like. These are not recipes that are created with children in mind, though there are many that kids may enjoy. Unlike some picky eaters, I greatly enjoy onions, garlic and hot spice (though not overly so), and I am willing to try things out.

A note about onions and garlic: if you’re cooking for a picky eater who doesn’t like them in their whole form, try granulated garlic and dehydrated minced onion/onion powder (add a little broth to the recipe if needed). Sometimes it’s more of a texture thing for people, rather than a flavor thing, especially when it comes to adult picky eaters.

Hope you find some things you like!

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