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I grew up thinking of French bread pizza as the stuff you got from Stouffer’s or the school cafeteria. You know, the halved piece of French baguette covered in pizza sauce and cheese, sometimes pepperoni. Easy enough to make at … Continue reading

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Stargate SG-1 Pizza Marathon!

Note: none of the links here will take you to spoilers, unless you consider the kind of summaries they post in things like TV Guide to be spoilers. Which some people do. I’m taking the night off from Healthy Weeknight … Continue reading

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Vegan Pizza Day!

Today was the first annual Vegan Pizza Day, and well, I ate pizza. 🙂 First pizza: Whole grain dough with olive oil, Field Roast Italian vegan sausage, rosemary and potato, with a little Daiya vegan cheese. I loved this one. … Continue reading

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Pizza in New Haven

Every now and then, I check out what search terms being people to this blog. I’ve noticed that a number of people are looking for vegan pizza in New Haven, so I thought I’d share what I know. Unfortunately, there … Continue reading

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Pizza Rules.

I am sitting in beautiful San Diego, CA, here for the American Music Therapy Association annual conference. My day started this morning in New Haven, CT when my alarm clock (well, iPhone) went off at 3:30AM. It took me a … Continue reading

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I’m going to guess that if you were to go through all my posts and count, the single most frequent picture would be of pizza.  Here’s another one to add to the count, Hawaiian style with Teese, pineapple, and fake … Continue reading

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I like pizza.

I am a big fan of pizza.  So much so, that I’ve started making them individual-sized so I won’t eat ten tons at once. Just pizza with Teese, sauce and some vegan pepperoni underneath.  On another note, there’s some pretty … Continue reading

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So, so good. Did I mention good?

So after my Teese arrived this afternoon, I had a few minutes, so I threw together some pizza dough before heading out the door to work. When I got home, I made up some pizza sauce and sliced up some … Continue reading

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