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Happy Thanksgiving!

Wait, what? Yes, I’m slow. My New Year’s Resolution is going to be to post more often, but hey, at least you’re getting my Thanksgiving post before New Year’s right? I might even get to my Christmas post this week, … Continue reading

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Glazed Port Wine Biscuits

I don’t know, this feels like more of a biscuit than a cookie. I forgot to mix my sugar into my liquids, which is why you can see the sugar crystals. Doesn’t matter so much here- it’s more a matter … Continue reading

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Healthy Weeknight Meals: Tempeh Braised with Figs and Port Wine

Slow cookers are awesome. Spend a few minutes prepping things the night before, then a few minutes to throw everything in the cooker in the morning, and you can set it to do all the cooking while you’re at work. … Continue reading

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Red Wine Spaghetti with Broccoli

If you’re reading this on my website, look up at the top of the page. Notice the last picture in the banner? Looks tasty, right? It totally was. Except I never posted an entry for that picture! It was just … Continue reading

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Local Vegan Wine

I’m always intrigued by the idea of local wine, but I find that most of the Vineyards around here (CT) don’t note if their wine happens to be vegan or not. I did check up on Bishop’s Orchard Winery in … Continue reading

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