I had to go into NYC yesterday, so I decided I wanted good vegan food. Something decadent. After all, I recently finished classes and am set to graduate in just a little over a week. I can hardly believe it! There are so many places to choose from, but I settled on Cocoa V. I thought that just epitomized “decadent.”

First I ate real food: their “Whimsical Quiche of the Day,” with some chips and cucumbers (I don’t like olives).


Then I had dessert. I ordered the chocolate cake, and then the waitperson asked, “would you like that รก la mode?” How could I not say yes?


I couldn’t finish, but man, was that good. Then I decided I needed to take some of the beautiful chocolates they had home with me.

chocolates 1
They put a pretty pink ribbon around the box.

chocolates 2
Aren’t they beautiful?
chocolates 3
Just in case you needed a less artsy-shot to see them.

I would highly recommend going there if you haven’t already!

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  1. Ms Plug It says:

    Oh my gosh YUM!!!!

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