Dinner and drinks at c.a. jones

Last night’s debachaury began at c.a. jones, a Mexican restaurant in the East Rock area of New Haven. And yes, if the name looks like it might be hysterical, it’s because it is. It was not chosen because of the name- it was chosen for the margaritas. There’s nothing about margaritas that’s not vegan, right? Actually, one of the margaritas on the specialty menu does have honey in it, but I think there was only one like that.

I began the evening with a pomegranate margarita (12 oz). While I was drinking, I wasn’t feeling much of a buzz, so I decided to move on to bigger and better things. I then ordered a strawberry-coconut 20 oz margarita- but by the time it arrived, I had begun to feel buzzed by the first one. I left there very, very drunk. I highly endorse their margaritas. Just don’t drive after drinking them, mmkay?

What’s a margarita without a taco or a burrito to go with it? Blasphmey, I say! I ordered the sweet potato taco, just asking them to leave off the cheese and sour cream, and to sub guacamole instead. It was quite tasty. They have a number of other dishes I would try as well. Gotta get back there at happy hour some time!

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