Elaine’s Healthy Choice

For anyone in the New Haven area- there’s a new vegan restaurant!  It’s called Elaine’s Healthy Choice, and it’s on Whalley Ave across from Shaw’s (near Broadway).  It’s an easy walk from the Yale campus.  I went there today, and unfortunately I don’t have pictures, but the food is pretty awesome, and cheap!  The staff seem really nice, too.  

The cuisine is essentially vegan soul food, making it a completely different kind of restaurant than the nearby vegan Ahimsa (upscale/Indian/juice bar) and vegetarian Claire’s (soups/sandwiches/salads).  Today I got the barbeque chick’n, which comes with red beans and rice (and a salad, I think if you get the dinner size) and a side order of mac & cheese.  I’m not sure what cheese product they’re using, but it’s not nutritional yeast, and it’s very good.  I’d actually guess that it’s cheddar Teese, but I’m not positive.  I’ll have to ask next time- and there will definitely be a next time!  

They also give you a lot of food- I couldn’t even come close to finishing.  It’s primarily a take-out restaurant, but there are a couple of small tables inside.  Check it out!

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  1. Dessito says:

    Elaine's is NOT a vegan, or even a vegetarian restaurant! I went there for the first time last night and it's a good thing my boyfriend (who eats meat) was with me – the "chick bites" ARE chicken. The place does have vegan dishes, such as the curried mixed vegetables I had, but it is not an exclusively meat-free establishment. It's still a nice addition to what used to be a strip of total food wasteland on the edge of Yale's campus, but it should be reviewed accurately. (Additionally, the family who run it are wonderful, warm and hospitable people – it's worth going there just to chat with them!)

  2. Jessica says:

    I do not know where you got your information from but Elaine's Healthy Choice is TOTALLY 100% VEGETARIAN/VEGAN restaurant it is the only VEGAN restaurant in New Haven Connecticut, where everything on the menu is 100%VEGAN.
    If you need to verify this please contact them at 203-773-1897or send an email to elaineshealthy@att.net
    The CHICK BITES are made from 100%soy.
    There is NO MEAT or DAIRY products served at that restaurant.

  3. Jodie says:

    I didn't delete the other comment because I certainly want people to ask for themselves if they are concerned, but I've had the chick bites and have absolutely no concern that they aren't vegan. I don't know if the commenter is a troll or just had misinformation.

  4. hstryk says:

    Just went there today. I thought the chick bites were seitan not soy, but in any event it was NOT meat. I don't know how you can even mistake that for chicken but this place is 100% vegan and delicious!

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