Farmer's Market

Today is just one of those beautiful summer days.  It’s warm but not humid, I have the windows open instead of the AC on, it’s sunny, and a great day for a walk.  Therefore, I stopped at the Farmer’s Market this morning.  I hadn’t been in a few weeks, as I haven’t had much time to cook.  I was shocked by how much more they had this week than a month ago!  For weeks it was just lettuce and bread, with an occasional few early spring fruits and vegetables, but this was another story!

Here’s a shot of the market itself:  

farmer's market

And here’s one of what I bought:

farmer's market haul

Kale, carrots, green beans, cucumber, beets, scallions and mesculin mix.  I have to tell you, there is NOTHING like fresh picked carrots.  The orange things I use for cooking and put on my salads all winter are a pale imitation of the goodness of fresh picked carrots.

I also see Kale Soup in my very near future, possibly even tomorrow.  Or tonight.  We’ll see!
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