Healthy Japanese Cooking at Natural Gourmet Institute

On Saturday, I’m taking another class at NGI! I’ll post about the next class this weekend, but for now, I will post about my last!

Back in June, I took a Healthy Japanese Cooking Class at NGI. This one was a partial participation class, so a little different than most of the others I had taken. I missed not being able to be busy and working during the class, but I must admit, it was nice to just be able to sit and watch. 🙂 The menu was as follows:

Cold Sesame and Cucumber Miso Soup with Harusame Noodles
Suno-Mono (Seaweed, Radish and Shiso Salad) with Homemade Ponzu Sauce
Roasted Age-Bitashi
Kinpira-Gobo (Sautéed Shredded Burdock Root and Carrot) with Homemade Warishita Sauce and Sesame Seeds
Pan-Fried Tofu Steak with Grated Daikon Sauce
Naturally Pink Vegan Sushi Roll
Wagashi: Shiro-Goma-Mizu-Yokan.

When I last sat down and booked a few classes to take, I was determined to focus on healthy classes, which is why I ended up choosing this one. I don’t mean to imply that NGI has unhealthy classes (they don’t), but I had a focus. I was a little nervous about this one. Seaweed is one of those things I really hate, and there would be a lot of it here- but guess what?

I didn’t taste it in most of the dishes!

In fact, the only thing I did taste it in was the sushi.

Speaking of sushi, it was the only thing that we students really did- roll sushi. Look at it, though!


I rolled sushi with rice on the outside!


The neatly cut ones are mine. 🙂

I definitely got a lot out of rolling the sushi in class. First off, I didn’t know that you could use brown rice for that purpose- I always assumed it wouldn’t be sticky enough. Plus, I didn’t think I would be neat enough to do it! Oh, and the teacher said I had good hands when she was my sushi rolls!

The class was taught by chef Hideyo Yamada. If you ever get a chance to take a class with her- do it! She’s awesome. And really funny. I really enjoyed the class!

You can also check out the previous classes I took at NGI here, here, and here!

And I am so excited I can’t stand it…

eight 7 Days to Vida Vegan Con!

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7 Responses to Healthy Japanese Cooking at Natural Gourmet Institute

  1. ji won says:

    hello ^^ i’m vegan too^^! and i’m korean.
    actually i hope to go to th NGI. really.! !!
    so, you are in NGI student. right?
    if you okay. i want to comment from you .
    it about how prepare for school NGI .. it’s difficult?
    oh, and sorry to you. because i have so many question at first meeting. haha;;

    • jodie says:

      I am not a student in the Chef’s Training Program- I just take some of the public classes. I have a day job that I love, so I’m not looking to change careers, but I do enjoy cooking.

      This blog here is from a student in the Chef’s Training Program:

      And if you follow the Twitter account for @naturalgourmet, they often post about their students’ blogs, as well.!/naturalgourmet

      Good luck with your future training!

  2. Crissie says:

    Woo Hoo! See you there next week 🙂
    Have a great vaca in the mean time!

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  4. Hi Jodie, so glad you enjoyed your class with Chef Hideyo! Her July 11 class – Spectacular Sushi & Sashimi – is much more hands on! Attendees will make mineral-rich broth, traditional sauces, perfect brown rice, and exquisite garnishes. If anyone is interested in attending, they can visit our website 🙂

    • jodie says:

      It’s great that she’s offering another class. But since this is a vegan blog- vegans, please know that the July 11 class is not vegan and uses fish.

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