Healthy Weeknight Meals: Mix-and-Match Jambalaya

Another meal in the slow cooker!

I actually had today off, so I again got to be here while using the slow cooker. I’m feeling pretty confident about it at this point, though using it next week is not on my agenda (so many things I want to make!). Again, this recipe comes from The Vegan Slow Cooker.


Mix-and-Match Jambalya (p. 109) with Field Roast Italian Sausage, Upton’s Naturals Seitan and red kidney beans.

Two things to keep in mind when making this recipe:

  • This meal did take longer to prep than some of the other things I’ve made in the slow cooker, with the amount of veggies that need to be minced. Not too bad, but definitely not something you’d want to leave to do the morning of if you’ll be in a hurry.
  • If you want to serve this on a day when you’ve been at work, you won’t be able to do so immediately- you need to add the rice an hour before serving.

The extra hour is fine with me most of the time, but I know I’d probably want a snack in the afternoon if I were going to do that. I actually got started late today, so I was hungry- but some leftover Masala Tofu made an excellent (and low-cal) snack.

Technically, this was not a whole foods meal, as it relies heavily on wheat gluten, but it is a very hearty one. The huge bowl that I had amounted to about 400 calories, and there was definitely a lot of nutrition there!

Tomorrow is the half-way mark for VeganMoFo!

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  1. jessy says:

    that’s one tasty bowl of jambalaya you’ve got go’n on! i always forget about our slow-cooker because it’s stored away in our dining room. think i’m gonna have to dig it up and cook up some comfort food, too. mmmmmm!

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